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the truth


My most favorite movie, of all time, is Pride and Prejudice. Won’t you walk with me through one of my favorite scenes? You know the one. It’s the one that never fails to “wow” us. Never fails to make our hearts beat a little faster. And those butterflies. Yep. Flutters away in our tummies…every time. And as soon as the scene ends, we start to breathe again.

For those of you who have NO IDEA what I’m talking about (SHAME ON YOU), allow me the privilege of walking you through it ☺

The sound of thunder starts this scene. A woman runs through the pouring rain into a strong and tall covering for protection from the cold wetness. Immediately, a young man enters the scene out of breath..……Mr. Darcy……. Lizzie. The pair are finally caught alone and the only way out is through boldly confronting their biggest fears. The dialogue begins. Her expectation of his presence is not what comes out of his mouth. He confesses his love for her. A love that has defied his better judgment. She is confused, caught off guard as she is broken because of his role in her sister’s brokenness. She begins to question his love for her. He is surprised. Does not deny charges. Passion is evident and bodies move closer and closer. She refuses his proposal. He wants her to understand why he did what he did. She doesn’t listen. Even though bodies are close, both hearts are feeling more distant every second. Dialogue finishes. There’s a lingering. An unknown desire to embrace one another. But the truth is out. It’s been unleashed. And the two separate with a deeper longing in their souls for one another.

What is it about this scene that gets me (us) every time?? Is it the dangerous thunder storm pouring down around them? Or the way their lips both linger so close to one another’s at the end? Both of these color this scene madly, but it’s not what causes me to stop breathing. They are not the reason why I lunge for my remote to rewind, and rewind, and rewind….No, those butterflies are caused by the dialogue that comes out of their mouths in such a bold and unrehearsed way. It’s the truth. Such truth that is only birthed through deep love. His love for her. Her love for her sister.

Isn’t it true that we always think of what we want to say AFTER we walk away from someone? Whether it’s something funny, witty or speaking the truth to a friend, we usually don’t think of it in the moment. And then we kick ourselves as we walk away wishing we could redo the whole thing. Frustrating isn’t it? Been there before?

Well, this scene is the TOTAL opposite of that scenario! I bet Mr. Darcy and Lizzie had no wishful thinking to “redo it” after they left one another’s presence. No, they spoke the truth. The much needed truth. So much so, that it not only fulfilled its purpose with those two, but it also continues to inspire all who watch to rise up and speak the truth boldly to everyone they know. WHEW! The power of truth. The power of truth birthed from love.

For some of us, our hearts continue to beat hysterically until we see the end credits, turn off the TV and the dream of rising up to face others with the truth dies as we excuse the feeling as a fantasy or “just Hollywood”. For others, that desire to speak and live the truth lives far beyond the special features…far beyond even the next day. All because there was an implantation of truth into our souls….but it didn’t just sit there. It didn’t lie dormant in the soil of our hearts to later be hardened by the lack of nourishment. No…my crazy prayer and desire is that I would be one of “those” that do something with such a unique calling such as the TRUTH. Even as I write this, I have Misty Edwards’ song, Finally I Surrenderblasting in the background. And I can’t help but declare with her that FINALLY I SURRENDER! I surrender to being fake. I surrender to hoarding the truth for just me. I surrender to that hysterical heartbeat. You know what I’m talking about. That heartbeat that feels like your heart is going to explode out of your chest to display a gruesome scene. There is truth to be told…. To my neighbor. To my children. To the lady taking my money at the McD’s drive thru.

God is crazy-good, isn’t He??? That He’s able (and willing) to speak through a romantic and mushy film is beyond me. But that’s what I love most about Him. He is an ABOVE AND BEYOND GOD. He chooses to reveal Himself through love. But then again, He seems to do that alot doesn’t He?


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