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our why.

always frustrated with the selection of ugly diffusers, we set out to create something LOVELY with our shoppe’s vintage + new pottery. 

diffusing essential oils has been our jam at @yetlovely . we use 100% oils (no fragrances allowed 😉) + bonus: we love the romantic mist that cascades down into every space. 

pottery is our best seller + a no brainer when choosing a vessel to host the diffusers. we offer both vintage for the European lovers (you know who you are 😏) + new pieces that look just like the patina’d kind. 

every diffuser top is hand cut + sealed by Mr. Yet Lovely for you to easily take on/off the diffuser. 

no fuss. 
no more ugly diffusers. 

we dare you to only buy one.

all diffuser pots include a 500 ml diffuser. they are available for local pickup at Yet Lovely. shipping available soon!

start your essential oil journey + make a shift toward clean living

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