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"I give you permission to not quit. 

 Stop and look around you today;

there are hundreds of women in the SAME place as you.

 Some are further along; some are just starting.

 One thing is true though: your purpose is not her purpose. 

So don’t quit because you’re tired of waiting

for things to get easier. 

Don’t quit because someone else appears

to be doing it better.

Don’t quit because there is fear within you. 

Retrain your brain by pushing past the fear;

even despite what YOU think you’re capable of.

And do it scared."

If I had a life mission, it would be this: Living a rescued and restored life + helping others walk in their beautiful, God-given purpose. I have always had a love for rescuing and repurposing items. Over the past 20 years, this hobby has quickly become a passion to help others transform not only their homes, but their mindsets too. I was drawn to the beauty of helping people articulate their vision in an environment that demanded creativity and resourcefulness, with an opportunity to find the beauty within them.


From classrooms, retreats, board rooms + conferences,

the theme of my message is that beauty can be found in the imperfectness of life.


For real life should always trump a perfect one.

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