Audra Thurman is the owner and lead designer of Audra Thurman Design, a local interior design company. She is currently the past president of Women Helping Women Fund Tri Cities and recently founded Yet Lovely, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to empower families to lead a healthy lifestyle and to thrive in a safe, functional, and beautiful environment by partnering with local social services agencies and nonprofits that have programs in place to take families from homelessness and poverty to self-sufficiency. Audra's life purpose is to find beauty in the most unlikely places and is committed to helping other women do the same, no matter their circumstances. She is also a wife and mother to two sons and a daughter. 

Well-honed in public speaking that was developed over the course of a 21 year career as a pastor, nonprofit president and inspirational speaker.

Pastored for 25 years and shared the speaking rotation with my husband for the Sunday morning messages; I also led and spoke at our yearly retreats for women.

As the president of Women Helping Women, a local nonprofit, I spoke at various events throughout the community and most recently was part of the speaking team for our annual luncheon with over 800 attendees. 

Created, taught and led over 200 employees through an employee training workshop for a large retail corporation. 

Skilled in presentation composition, communications technology including PowerPoint, and engaging an audience with presentations. 

Speaking to various size groups (from 10-1000) about relevant topics to instruct, educate and inspire.

Connecting to various age groups (youth to adult) with humor and practical life lessons. 

Skilled at sharing personal experiences to relate to and inspiring others that you can find beauty in any situation. 

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