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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Women of Business conference. It was such an amazing opportunity where hundreds and hundreds of women came together for one purpose. If you’ve never been in that atmosphere, it’s a must. A must.

This is the story I was sharing: Because your purpose isn’t my purpose, I shouldn’t be saying things like “I want it like hers.”  I can try my hardest to slide into a size 0 jean- even with the help of butter or coconut oil- but I will never be successful. I’ve literally set myself up for failure if I ask the young girl at American Eagle for size 0 jeans to try on. Even if she looks at me with the widest eyes, secretly telling me to change my ask, I will fail. (she be like: don’t you want to add a 1 before that 0????) There is no carbon copy purpose “one size fits all”. We were all created sooo different. I can try and try to fit “her” purpose on my big thighs, but it ain’t never happening. I need to find out what my purpose is and wear that confidently. 


The theme of my session was this: Entrepreneurs with Purpose. I believe that this session couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the start of a new year where we are gifted the opportunity to re-evaluate, refocus and plan what this new year holds.

But here’s the thing: without knowing what our purpose is, these planning sessions could leave us even more frustrated.

Purpose is defined as this: the reason why you were created; the reason why you exist.

Have you ever asked yourself why you were created? Why you exist? What brings you joy? What makes your heart beat faster and faster?

These questions are so important because there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions with a lot of tools shouting them at you.

  • Come work for me!

  • You need to be a part of this group with me!

  • Purchase this for $99 and your income will quadruple!


A lot of what they are saying is very attractive.

But here’s the question again: How full are you with your purpose versus everyone else’s purpose?

If you are struggling in your personal or professional world, I would encourage you to take some moments and ask yourself the question, “Why was I created?” and write whatever comes into your mind onto paper. Don’t analyze them, just write them down. And then compare that list to the things you’re saying YES to. Does it check off a majority of the boxes? If so, put that thing in the KEEP column. If it doesn’t align with your list, put it in the DON’T KEEP column. Bottom line: only you (with God) can answer why you were created. Only you know what makes your heart beat and what brings you the most joy.


**DISCLAIMER: There are things and tasks that we do on a daily basis that don’t necessarily bring us joy, and might not be in line with our purpose, but they are non-negotiable. Things like laundry or working out or going to work. These types of things are needed and bring health and provision to our world right now. That’s ok. Not every single thing needs to bring us joy. I’m talking about the decisions we’re making that we have control over and the things we’re choosing to add to our lives.

Oh and another thing.

I give you permission to not quit.

There are sooooooo many people in the SAME place as you.

Some are further along; some are just starting.

One thing is true though: your purpose is not their purpose.

So don’t quit because you’re tired of waiting for things to get easier.

Don’t quit because someone else appears to be doing it better.

Don’t quit because there is fear within you.

  • Write that book.

  • Apply for that job.

  • Open up that business.

  • Reach out to that mentor.

  • Start that nonprofit.

The only way that you will fulfill your purpose is to DO (clap) IT (clap).

The only way that you will reach your fullest potential is to DO (clap) IT (clap).

Retrain your brain by pushing past the fear-even despite what YOU think you’re capable of- and…

Do it scared.


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