new life.

Creating beautiful spaces for clients is a dream come true. But when a client also happens to be a friend, well, that’s a dream come true x2.

Some months ago, I had the honor of creating a new place for my friend, Erin. She was in a new season, with a new home. Having just come out of a taxing + stressful season, she was craving rest, peace + somewhere to start again. I truly believe that if we can change a person’s surroundings, we can change their outlook on life too. Having a space to heal, grow + reflect in is crucial as we walk through seasons of change.

Enter the New Life Project.

During our consultation over dinner, the goal was simple: Erin wanted a place that reflected who she was. She wanted something light + airy. Something cozy + bohemian. Something simple + finished. Several hours passed as we talked + dreamt about all the design ideas. Seriously the funnest ever.

As our evening came to an end, I walked to my car so proud of my friend. It was a beautiful thing; choosing to invest in herself. My heart scarcely kept its calm as I drove home.

Lovely things were being birthed… even amidst the ugly.


Now onto design!

Here's a peek of the living + dining rooms before we started.

(These rooms are partially furnished with the owner's items.)

And here is the after :)

I'll go into more detail with some of the items in the rooms, but for now...

Welcome home, my friend. Welcome home.

May this be the start of something beautiful.

Love, Audra