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my top 10 thrifting list

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

If I had the option to shop at a retail store or a thrift store, hands down I’d choose a thrift store. It’s the rescue portion that thrills me.There’s a mystery that envelopes me when I stroll through the aisles. The “not knowing” of what I might discover gets my heart a-racing.

(I now give you permission to roll your eyes.)


But seriously, I’ve been thrifting (and garbage picking) since I furnished my first apartment when I was living in Michigan at the ripe old age of 21. I think this lifestyle chose me, and I’m ok with that. I love that every piece has a story, and in sorts, I am rescuing them from their shelves of misery and giving them a new chance at life!

Too deep?

Mmmkkk, let’s move on.

There are certain items that I always look for when thrifting- thrift store absolutes if you will. I also apply this list for garage sales and garbage picking. Let’s dive in, shall we?

White dishes. Pitchers, platters, cake stands, bowls, little serving bowls…. If it’s white, I usually pick them up. I have acquired quite the collection, but we use all of them. And bonus: they are practical and decorative.



Frames. Doesn’t matter the color- nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!


Wooden shtuff. Boxes, rolling pins, cutting boards, baskets…. I only decorate with these items- don’t trust that they’re clean enough to cook with. (yikes!)


Glass jugs. If you buy these new, they are typically spendy little creatures. So if you find one, snag it up!

Candlesticks. I always look for the skinny brass ones. They remind me of an English cottage, and I love that.


Silver trays. Never pay more than a couple bucks for these. I hang these with plate hangers from Home Depot. A cheap project that doesn’t look cheap!


Urn shaped lamps. Very traditional in shape which translates to: goes with almost any decor style. They mostly come in a metal color, so if you’re not ok with that, pull out that trusty spray paint! (Choose white for a farmhouse-y look, black for a more modern look.)


Furniture. Specifically wooden chairs, dressers or night stands. It’s a bonus when you don’t have to paint or switch out the hardware!


Special, little items. I know, pretty vague. I always look for smaller items that are special. When decorating, balance is important. So don’t forget to scale it down and look for those smaller items!


And finally, clothing! I don’t always make it over to those aisles (mostly because it’s really overwhelming) but when I do, I always find great deals! I mostly look for name brand stuff (Nike, Adidas, Ann Taylor, Guess, Juicy, Zara, Coach, etc) because I know it was made well. I also look for novelty items such as hunting gear (I just bought Judah a hunting coat for $9!) Another tip is to Google the brand/item and find out more info on it. **I did that the other day when I walked past a beautiful men’s trench coat. I stopped to check it out and couldn’t believe how well it was made and how heavy it was (it had a zip out lining with burberry plaid). I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I Googled it. It ended up being a famous family-owned business from Vienna, Austria whose garments likened Ralph Lauren. Needless to say, I snatched that bad boy up!!

Well, there you go! Hope this lists helps you as you thrift along! I would love to know what you’re finding out there! Post a picture of your items in the comments below or tag me on Instagram and I will rejoice in your rescue!!

Happy Thrifting!

Love, Audra


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