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thrifting favs: wooden things.

W O O D E N things.

By far one of my favorite items to decorate with.

Bowls. Cutting boards. Stools. Hooks.

They bring such a warmth + lived-in feel.

When I can, I thrift (or buy used) almost all my wooden treasures. And because the items are used, I style them as decorative only unless I can sand/clean/bleach the goobers off :)

And because I LOVE a good DIY, I want to try the oven cleaner method on lightening up the wood stain on my thrifted bowls + cutting boards. Curious if you've tried it?!?

But sometimes, finding a new item doesn't hurt either (wink). If you're unable to make a thrifting trip, I rounded up a few wooden goodies for you. Just click on any picture below!

Oh, + I'll circle back re: the oven cleaner method. We'll see if it's a GO or a NO lol!!!

Love, Audra


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