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kitchen update

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It’s been a while, yo.  But to my defense, soccer started for all THREE of my kiddos and yours truly is coaching Izzy’s team this year. Oh- and I had jury duty too. Mmmmhhhmmmmm.  That’s where I been.

So, in my last post, some walls came down and the walk-in pantry had been started. Below is a picture of where we left off…. and one of where we are today.



The walls have been mudded and sanded and floors have been filled in and restained (still needs one more coat). Next will be texturing the walls, adding base trim and then the shelving. I. Can’t. Wait. for a pantry.  Right now we’re using THE smallest closet in the world- we literally have to send Izzy in to get our food for us.  Quite a sight.

The next update is with the kitchen island. For those who need a refresher, here’s a picture of the kitchen when we bought the house…


And here’s where we’re at today…












We’ve made quite a bit of progress, yet still have so far to go. Yay to us!  The island still has to be painted white along with the lower cabinets behind it. Our counters were delayed by 2 weeks (total sob fest) that’s why you see in some of the pictures our old sink that we put back on the new island. One can only eat out for so many nights. (When you’re kids start complaining that they’re eating out too much = #diymomfail.) The good news is that our counters will be installed this week- thus the reason you see the farmhouse sink installed in some of the pics too. We decided to build the microwave into the island to save counter space. Genius idea. And the counters will extend 16″ off the front and side (where the stools are) to accommodate 5 stools. This gives us seating for 13 in our kitchen area when you add in the kitchen table too. PAR-TAY at the Thurman’s!!

I chose this faucet and I LOVE it. It is from Signature Hardware- same place as the farmhouse sink.


Once the counters are installed this week, we’ll work on the open shelving and then the backsplash…..and then painting the cabinets….and then the custom hood above the range….and then….and then… Yeah. We totally feel like this:


And sometimes find ourselves enjoying the new space like this:


You can pray for us. We’d like that.

No seriously… much work as this is, we I enjoy everything about this. And we can’t wait to actually enjoy the space and start washing dishes in the kitchen versus the upstairs bathtub.  Word.

That’s all for now! Follow me on Instagram for more updates!

Love, Audra


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