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izzy’s room

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Around 6 months ago, before we moved, I revamped Izzy’s room. Yeah, I know. Well, the WHOLE truth would be that my husband painted, moved stuff around and hung curtains, but I made everything pretty. That counts, right?

Anyway, she had pretty pale pink walls, a queen four post bed with a beautiful armoire for her clothes, a dollhouse, a kitchen set and a desk. See picture below.

When we tried to set up her queen bed in her new room we just about croaked. That’s literally all. That. Would. Fit. Her bed.  That’s it. Her new room is teeny-tiny and a queen bed was not going to  suffice. We knew eventually we’d downsize her to a twin bed but “eventually” came a little earlier than expected.

I lasted about 4 days with her queen bed before I scoured Craigslist for a twin. With all the other expenses in remodeling, I definitely didn’t want to spend a hefty amount on her bed. Thus a Craigslist search was born. I found one immediately for $50 and rushed to get it. (See pic below). From the picture it had good bones and a fresh coat of white paint would freshen it right up! Or so I thought….


Now, besides garbage-picking (see post about my superpower being garbage-picking) I’m also a Craigslist alumni. Seriously. I have sold and bought dozens and dozens of items on this heavenly site. But there are times…..just a few…..where you go to buy something and some unknown force takes over and you somehow give control over to some “thing” and cannot stop yourself. No? Just me? Ugh.

Seriously though, have you ever jumped in your car to buy something and you’re so excited to see it and take it home that everything happens so fast? You get there- you see it- you know that it won’t work- but you still hand them the money- then you load it into your truck- and you pray and pray and pray that it works KNOWING that it won’t and now you try everything to NOT hit your head against the steering wheel because you are STUCK WITH IT!???! Ugh. No? Just me again?

Well, I’m not proud of what happened. Not at all. But it did. So I lived with it for a couple days. Izzy loved it (thank goodness) but I just couldn’t do it. So I did what any normal and sane mommy would do.

I put it back on Craigslist.

And in 2 days, it was gone. Just like that. Sold for $50.


That began my search for a real bed for Izzy. And I was lucky enough to find this one at Furniture Row. For only $99.


Like all 4 year old little girlies, Izzy is in love with Frozen and thinks this bed looks like Elsa’s. Chalk one up for mom 🙂  The bedding is from (last year). I had a gift card that I needed to use so I scoured their site for white bedding. I think I paid around $50 for the set.

Next up is the gorgeous chandelier. I mean, come on. I want it in my room. It fills her room with such a pretty light. And it’s Izzy-approved too.


What you probably won’t believe is that I bought it last summer at a garage sale. For $5. Yes, I said FIVE. I was doing a drive-by (like I do all garage sales) and my eye caught a bedazzled beauty. Because I am a sucker for chandeliers, this warranted me to take a looksee. Besides being covered in an inch of dust, it was in great condition.  And then I saw the price tag and I snatched it up quicker than my kids can snatch my phone when I’m not looking.

Here’s a “before” pic. There was lots of brass on it and to update it, I just took a white chalk pen and painted over the brassy-gold ssshhtuff.


Surprisingly, there was nothing wrong with the light and it worked perfectly. What a miracle.

I think her room is turning out ah-mazing. The trim still needs to be painted….you guessed it….white. And I would love to find a rug too.  Izzy was (literally) covered in dirt from yesterday when I took these pics. I wouldn’t let her sit on her bed! She is ALL-GIRL and ALL-NOT-GIRL. I. love. her.







I just finished hanging stuff on the boy’s walls- so stay tuned for pics of their “boy cave” 🙂

Love, Audra


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