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i garbage-pick- what’s your superpower?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Seriously though.

I’m a garbage picker. And gosh darn’t, I’m proud of it.

If I were to take you on a tour of my house, it would consist of me pointing and saying, “I got that for free….I garbage-picked that….I found that for free on Craigslist….”

I’m a sucker for all things FREE and my husband sure doesn’t mind (except when I ask him to install a chandelier during the Final Four game…) But I digress.

My latest blog-worthy find is a chandelier I found for free at a department store. They were going to throw it away. (Insert uncontrollable sobs here.) After I put myself back together, I rescued the precious little jewel. Most of the stuff I score is mainly because I ask about it. Ask not, receive not, right?!

Well, without further ado, here she is.


Ain’t she a beaut? She’s huge. HUGE. I knew I needed just the right spot for her to shine in. So I took her on a tour through my house, held her up to see where she fit the best, and settled upon my kid’s playroom. I know, I know….a playroom? Let me explain. We used to have their playroom in the room just off the kitchen but soon it filled up too quickly and we needed more space. So I (gulp) gave up my dining room- sold my table and everything- and moved their stuff into that room. It really works well for this season of life- at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

The playroom is the first room you see when you enter my house. So it still needs to be “pretty”.  Here’s the beauty adorned in her home.





I love how it looks! It makes such a dramatic statement with the black walls. The light didn’t come all wired-up so my hunky husband had to do that. (I’m so lucky that he can do that sort of stuff.)

Anyway, there she be 🙂

Maybe in the near future I’ll take you on a tour of all things FREE in my house 🙂

Love, Audra


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