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a little girl's bedroom makeover

What a beautiful time we had designing + installing this bedroom for our Fall Makeover Giveaway winner, Bree! When all was said + done, we didn't want to leave because we loved the room so much ;)

My design team asked our social media community to nominate a little girl for a bedroom makeover who has had a hard year. There were so many nominations + we wish we could have done them all! But our hearts were so touched by this one nominee + we chose a special 7 year old who had (+ still is) gone through so much. Back in September, Bree had a sudden heart attack, followed by a stroke, followed by another heart attack, followed by a heart transplant. What a brave little girl to go through so, so much! And I’m thrilled beyond compare to share that she is recovering amazingly + is a walking miracle! Our hope + prayer is that this room brings a smile to her face + joy within her (new) heart as she arrives home. (Video to come soon!)

Many, many thanks to the army of beautiful people who gave of their time, talents + pocketbooks to make this happen. May Jesus bless you so much!!


We had just about 2 weeks to turn this room around + with Covid-shipping delays, it's truly a miracle that everything arrived on time (+ some of it even early)! We also wanted to include some of Bree's favorite things like cats, the color teal + a desk. Bree shares a room with her sister, and so we (of course) accommodated 2 beds in the design plan.

Most of the items we used in the room are new + the name signs, desk + art were donated by local businesses. We also did a little thrifting as well. Oh darn ;) The desk chair was $3.99, the desk lamp was $4.99 and we found some cute baskets for her books + coloring books for just a couple dollars as well. We painted the chair + Bree's old dresser a matte black + the lamp a muted brass. It's not a finished project unless there's thrifted + painted items included, right??!!

Here's a before of the room:

And here's the after:

Thank you to Bree + her family for letting us be a part of your room transformation!

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