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These 2 words are what I call “heavy” words.

Just like “I do” is to a bride and groom.

Or “I’m sorry” spoken by someone who is still hurting.

ALL IN means you’re all in. Every. Part. Of. You. It was God who first showed us with this meant. He was ALL IN when He sent His Son to die on the cross for you and me so that we could have eternal life.

My husband is in a series at Church Arise right now called All In. One of the questions that has been asked during this series is, “Are you ALL IN to Jesus?”

Are you ALL IN to your marriage?

Are you ALL IN to your children?

Are you ALL IN to who Jesus called you to be?

And then there was one more question. One more question that was the culprit for unravelling the tapestry of my life.

“Are you ALL IN to Jesus and everything He is- even though your circumstances aren’t changing?”

The Bible is full of words from Jesus that describe He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is a loving, compassionate, merciful, grace-giving, forgiving, FULL OF JOY, pure God. And He does not change. So then why do we find ourselves wavering when things get hard?

I believe that being ALL IN is a choice. Like loving someone or forgiving someone, it’s not just a feeling. I believe that I waver because I wait to feel like being ALL IN. I wait until things get good again.

But it’s during those times when we need Jesus the most where He needs us to be ALL IN.

I dare to make that choice today.


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