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a family room redesign design plan

Say that 10x fast!

Ok, one room done (my office) and only 47 more to go…. (insert deep breath.)

If you've been following along in my instagram stories, then you saw a sneak peak of the design plan for the next room I'm going to tackle: the living room.

Thankfully, there's not much to do in this room as the big furniture will need to stay. But I will definitely be decluttering + simplifying the crap out of it… so stay tuned for that LOL.

Here's a look at a side by side of a design board I created (real quick, ahem) of the current space + what I'm wanting to do.

current living room
living room with changes

SO MUCH calmer, right??!?!? The mission of bringing in peace, calmness + simplicity (oh, + my new style) is slowly coming to life one room at a time. After removing the mirrors + several pillows, I also added a jute rug to balance out the space. I won't be removing the gray rug completely, but using it as a base to the jute rug. That said, the gray rug has never matched, but has been in this room by default because I found it at Home Depot for one penny.


You heard me right.


A $250 8x10 rug.

It was a fluke thing + the checker who rang us up couldn't believe it. Nor could the manager.

So we chalked it up as a blessing + have used it in the living room proudly. :)


Here's to hoping the rug is on schedule + arrives this week.

Fingers crossed for a reveal soon!

(If you'd like to shop any of the items that are in this room, I've added them below for your viewing or shopping pleasure.)

Love, Audra


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