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the kitchen pantry

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Good news! We are making progress in the kitchen…even though it still “looks” the same. My farmhouse sink arrived last week, HALLELUJAH! (Confession: I sit out in the garage just to stare at it. Don’t judge me.) And we ordered the counters yesterday which was the biggest part of this process. After shopping around, we finally found a great contractor who has remnants in his bone yard that you can choose from. If you’ve ever shopped for counters, most places have you order by the slab. And if you don’t use the whole thing, well, you’re stuck with the rest. That option meant that we would go over budget. Not. gonna. do. that.

So we found a place where you only pay for what you use. Score city. That brought our cost down and after our minds finished exploding, we starting dreaming again. Our first plan was to keep the same footprint of the kitchen and replace counters, etc. But now that the counters are more affordable……muuuuaaaahhhhhhahahahahaha…..we decided to turn the island and double its size. I know, right?! That also meant continuing the counters and lower cabinets on the other side of the hallway (where the microwave sits currently). That brings more of a balance and uses the entire kitchen space. Our genius brains also decided to blow out the small pantry behind the microwave (well, the teeny-tiny closet where we stuffed our food into, but we won’t spend too much time crying about that…trust me, I already have) and the cabinet in the laundry room to add more space in the kitchen and allow for the continuing counters.







Well…..things didn’t go exactly as planned. I woke up at 6:30am this morning giddy to start watch the demo. As my strong husband and his contractor began ripping the walls off, they found a beautiful surprise. Yep. Pipes. Two in fact. Ugh. So we had to regroup. Plan B had chosen us.



After much deliberation, we had two choices in front us. Walk-in pantry or mudroom. Pantry or mudroom. I was really batting for the mudroom- we’d build a custom bench with hooks and cutouts for homework and backpacks and….and….and….But my wise husband knew better. We needed a pantry. I mean, you can only stuff your food into a closet for so long.

So we they continued on with the demo to make a big, walk-in pantry. We also widened the opening to the pantry/laundry room where an old barn door will soon slide back and forth. Word to your mama.






Well, because of said Plan B, we had to do away with removing the wall because of said pipes which would have allowed for more counter space. So I’ll need to find a new solution for that wall. Maybe subway tiles from floor to ceiling with open shelving from top to bottom? Ooooohhhhhh……me likey.

Oh, and I finally found a new ottoman/coffee table for our family room. I’ve been looking online for over a month now. Because we chose a coppery colored leather sectional, I wanted something light but comfortable to put your feet on. Well, Wayfair surely delivered. 🙂


So stay tuned for more updates- and if you feel like having a family of 5 over for dinner within the next 2 weeks, we HAPPILY ACCEPT your invitation!!

Love, Audra


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