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decorating for free

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

OK, I know that most of you are thinking “nothing is free”. Of course I don’t technically mean “free” like someone gifted me everything to decorate with. (Although that would be awesome.) What I am talking about is my FAVORITE kind of decorating….the decorating where you use stuff you already own- and whether you’re just moving it around and staging it differently, or DIYing the heck out of it-


If you’re like me, it’s easy to get discontent or impatient with decorating your house. I mean, as you scroll and scroll through IG or Pinterest, there is no lack for inspiration…there is no lack of how-to’s. And it’s easy to become discontent with what you already have because you’re wishing for what you don’t have.  Well, let’s just bring some freedom into this fantasy world for a minute, mmmkay?

You don’t need anything else to bring contentment.



The latest and trendiest decor will not bring you joy. It may bring happiness, but not always joy. Because happiness is based on things/circumstances. Joy is found in the depths of who you are, or your faith.

Now, don’t get me wrong- to have the latest and trendiest stuff does not make you a bad person. On the contrary, you are BLESSED. But if we are finding our joy from whether we have it or not, then there is where discontenment is found.

And this my friends, is why I LOVE to decorate to free 🙂 Because even without $$$, I can still create spaces that my family is proud of and can find rest and safety in.

So stop wishin’ for more stuff, yo! Use what you already have.


This holiday weekend I was gifted with 4 (consecutive) days off. FOUR. Thank the Lawd. And since we didn’t have any major plans, I was itching to decorate. So while my hubby started on building our stove hood, I challenged myself to do as many FREE projects as I could. After meandering through my house to see what I wanted to do, I decided to tackle 5 projects. And I am happy to say that I finished 4/5 of them and I couldn’t be happier! I 1/2 finished the 5th project, but decided that 4 was a good number to end on 🙂

So, today I will be sharing two of those projects and then will share the other two tomorrow.

The first one is a quickie. I’m pretty much addicted to drop cloth curtains. I have four sets in my house. Well, I have this awkward window at the base of my stairs that was naked for too long. So I grabbed an extra set of drop cloth curtains and ta-da! They warm the space up so much.

Cost: FREE 🙂


The second project was a little more time- consuming. But the end project (and my boy’s reactions) were worth it. I saw this inspiration on a fellow decorator’s Instagram. I don’t know what it is, but decorating a boy’s space is so hard for me. Maybe it’s all the primary colors that bug me….especially since I can’t commit to color, AT ALL. So when I saw this triangle-stamped-patterned-wall, I was excited to try it.

I used a greyish-army green color (see pic below) and I love how it turned out. My hubby cut me two different sized triangles out of scrap wood, I wrapped them with a drop cloth (stapled it to them) and then drilled a couple screws to use as handles.


Then I just started stamping. I free-handed it all. Not as hard as thought! My boys think it’s “boss” and kept saying, “You’re doing such a good job, Mom!” Music to my ears 🙂


And the cost for this stamping project was, you guessed it, FREE!

Now, go raid your cupboards, armoires and closets and see what YOU can create!

Love, Audra

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