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a mama’s prayer

(originally posted in 2011)


As I laid my head on my pillow last night I began to pray for my kids. I began to pray that the Lord would:

Protect them Hold them while they sleep Direct their steps Lead them Anoint them Use them…

And then I began to pray that the Lord would continue to help me be a godly mother to them…

A loving mother A patient mother A compassionate mother…

And as I was praying, the Lord spoke these words to me:

“Audra, you are the closest example of Me that your children have right now. You don’t need to be asking to be a better mom, you need to be asking to be more like Me.”

Wow. I was moved to tears. He was right. So right.

This last week I have had such a burden for my children. I think it’s because Justus is now in Kindergarten and Judah has started Preschool. They now have influences in their lives that I cannot control….Influences in their lives that might change their behavior…..Influences that might cause them to see themselves differently. This has been an eye-opening season, and I am learning to welcome it! I welcome the different perspectives…I welcome the dirty words that come out of my 4 year olds mouth! Why? Because these are all opportunities to show them the Jesus that I’m in love with. The Jesus that is desperately in love with them. They are opportunities to show them that what He has to say is more valuable and truthful than any words out there. My prayer is that Justus, Judah and Isabella would walk through life knowing who they are and “Whose” they are. That they would rise up amidst the pressure and culture and use every hurt, disappointment and triumph as stepping stones toward fulfilling their callings.

And right now, in their very vulnerable and still moldable state, our precious Lord has given me the responsibility to teach, to model, to walk with them as they discover that.

And if you’re a mama, He has given you the amazing responsibility to do this too. Embrace it. Embrace Him. Embrace them. Because as we strive to become the answer to our own prayers by changing our hearts to match His, I believe our kids will follow suit. There will be a change in their hearts. There will be lasting fruit. A change in us first, leads to a change in them.

Lord, scratch my previous prayer. Help me to be just like You- forgiving, compassionate, patient, full of love, never keeping records of wrongdoings, always accepting of others, a respecter and lover to my husband…I want to be more like you. I need to be. For I am their closest link to You. And Lord, when they are ready to link to you directly, help me get out the way. Help me to give them to You. To entrust them to You. For they are your sons and your daughter first.


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